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Welcome to Chanba National Wetland Park!
As the significant territorial resources and natural resources ,wetland is located in the transitional zone between terrestrial ecological system and aquatic ecosystem,
widely distributed all around the world and known as 'Global Three Large Ecological System' along with forest and ocean. The wetland is one of the areas with a lot of wild animals and plants resources and most abundant biodiversity, and called 'Cradle of Life' and 'Species Gene Bank'
On April 29th. 2013. As one of the national wetland park projects, Chanba national wetland park had its grand opening.
As the Important part of Chanba ecological area and even Sian wetland system, Chanba national wetland park Is located In the delta where Ba River enters into Weikou In northeast of Sian, It belongs to Inland river wetland and has the typical characteristics of estuarine wetland in northwest China Compared with other area of  Sian, the wetland has sufficient water and high water resources quantity, thus creating good conditions for growth and reproduction ......
  • number of annual visit and tour of two million
  • National Wetland Park project one
  • Wetland Park located in the area of the intersection of
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· You can also find out what local people think of their local
· You can also find out what local people think of their local
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